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canadiansinger replied to your post: i cut my hair like miley and i regret nothing

omg srsly? post a pic please <3

yes! asjkd

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ohmybieber replied to your post: i cut my hair like miley and i regret nothing

omg really? does it look good?

yes it does! akjsd i love it

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i cut my hair like miley and i regret nothing

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i need to get photoshop cs6 because i can’t gif with cs5

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#thank you so much :')



i’ve been saying i’ll do a follow forever for aaggessss now and haven’t bc i’m a lazy fuck. i’m not gonna apologize for posting late bc i know you guys still love meh. so anyways, these are the blogs that i wanna thank for making my dash fucking awesome everyday in this year. thank you for following me and making me smile with your amazing posts. hope 2013 and the years to come are a hell of alot more better for y’all considering how bloody shit 2012 was for me. yeah so y’all are just perfect ‘kay, i love you all 5 eva xx

in no particular order:

milesworth ♦ robynffenty ♦ takemesalong ♦ staywithyous ♦ playedtilmyfingersbled ♦ phreshoutherunways ♦ ashbensos ♦ theonethatgotaways ♦ breezyfame ♦ demetriaz ♦ itsgagas ♦ danceforyous ♦ yesmileyray ♦ starstrukks ♦ sixmins ♦ sparksonfire ♦ privateagentmars ♦ burntheempire ♦ flawlessbieber ♦ demilavoto ♦ itscherbitch ♦ cherryschapstick ♦ diabolisch ♦ mileycyruslovesme ♦ beautifulovato ♦ sheshotlikethat ♦ kissmequicks ♦ ushouldpickme ♦ rockonbaby ♦ voguecyrus ♦ shaketheglitters ♦ yomillers ♦ lookatmenowbiebs ♦ foxybieber ♦ sselcouth ♦ doctorbieber ♦ inbedwithrihanna ♦ jasonmcann ♦ lasttimes


alot of you have recently changed your url and i just don’t have the time or energy to keep track of you lol so if you’re not included it’s most probably bc i didn’t recognize your url and i’m 100% positive i forgot people, sorry :\

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